Ben Crothers

I help solve problems and generate ideas to do with strategy, products and services, by asking lots of questions, sketching lots of conversations and concepts, and teaching others techniques of visualisation, design thinking and research.

I’ve written a book called Presto Sketching, and I write occasionally on my blog and on Medium. You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Presto Sketching

Buy the book, and catch up on loads of sketching tips, tricks and techniques on the Presto Sketching website, to help you explore problems better, explain concepts better, and generate ideas better.

Design education

I regularly teach face-to-face classes at General Assembly, and online on the O’Reilly Safari platform. I also do one-on-one and team-based mentoring and coaching.

Design consultancy

I currently work with Seer Data & Analytics, to help organisations in the non-profit services sector be smarter with measuring the impact of their services.